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Atley C100

The Atley C100 module allows for an automated, standardized and reproducible production of At-211 radiopharmaceuticals, and is controlled by clinically validated software. The process consists of target scraping, and dry distillation, as well as radiopharmaceutical synthesis and purification compatible with a range of vector-types.

Atley Solutions provides non-clinical and clinical disposables for the Atley C100 module.

(Developed with funding from Sweden’s Innovation Agency)

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Atley C100

Radiochemical Services

Atley Solutions currently provides various radiochemical development services. Services include labelling feasibility studies, production process development, production process automation, stability studies, non-clinical and clinical pharmaceutical production, etc.

Services can be performed at Atley Solutions’ and partner laboratories, or at customer sites.

One of the key aspects of our service offering is that we have access to At-211, as well as fully equipped alpha classified laboratories.