Minerva Imaging and Atley Solutions announce collaboration on making Astatine-211 available for targeted radionuclide drug development

Gothenburg, Sweden and Ølstykke, Denmark – January 2023

Atley Solutions and Minerva Imaging have announced a partnership to foster the development of radiopharmaceuticals utilizing Astatine-211 (At-211), an alpha-emitting radioisotope. With its relatively short half-life, a favorable decay chain and scalable production, At-211 has unique properties as payload for targeted radionuclide pharmaceuticals.

Radionuclide Therapy

Targeted radionuclide therapy is a form of precision medicine where a radioactive substance attached to a targeting moiety. It is administered through the body to specifically target cancer cells and irradiate them. Labelling drugs that target a specific tumor marker with a radioactive isotope allows to deliver the radiation precisely to the cancer cells. This helps reduce potential side effects compared to traditional cancer therapies. Recent years have seen strong growth in targeted radionuclide therapies.

Atley Solutions and Minerva Imaging announced a partnership to foster the development of radiopharmaceuticals utilizing Astatine-211

Carsten H. Nielsen, co-founder and CEO of Minerva Imaging: “Astatine-211 is an alpha-emitter with a half-life suitable for a wide variety of compounds. We are therefore excited to announce the collaboration with our regional partner Atley Solutions, to further strengthen the development of this promising isotope.” Milton Lönnroth, co-founder & CEO of Atley Solutions adds: “By combining our expertise in automated radiopharmaceutical production and radiochemistry development with Minerva Imaging’s experience in pre-clinical and clinical translation, we will be able to offer the market the resources and infrastructure required to bring new At-211 drug products to the market.”

Astatine-211 available for radiopharmaceuticals

With the partnership, both companies embrace the capabilities of At-211 and join forces to foster the development towards successful radiopharmaceutical drugs with At-211 as payload. The partnership aims to facilitate the drug development process through drug discovery and clinical translation by combining the two companies’ capabilities and resources. The partnership will include the installation of one of Atley Solutions’ C100 modules at Minerva Imaging’s site, allowing for on-site production of At-211 drug products.

About Minerva Imaging
Minerva Imaging is a scientifically driven CRO founded in 2011. The company focuses on the use of advanced models and molecular imaging for translational research and drug development. Minerva Imaging engages with its clients to understand their scientific questions and discuss how its methods and capabilities can provide answers. The company’s competences build on more than two decades of research within oncology, cardiovascular disease and molecular imaging performed at the University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet, the National University Hospital of Denmark.

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About Atley Solutions

Atley Solutions provides products and services related to the development and automated production of radiopharmaceuticals based on the alpha-emitting radionuclide Astatine-211. Atley’s first product, the C100, will be launched in 2023 and will be the world’s first automated production module capable of producing At-211 radiopharmaceuticals under GMP.

Atley’s development services offer pharmaceutical companies the resources and know-how required for non-clinical drug discovery with At-211 and includes access to the radionuclide and the C100.

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