Atley Solutions Secures Largest Ever Investment Round

We are excited to announce our largest investment round ever, through investments from existing owners Chalmers Ventures, Marinvest Holding AB, Vätterleden Holding Ventures and Erik Stromqvist, as well as new investors such as Triathlon Group Ventures, Life Science Invest (LSI Epsilon), and Ekeblad Bostad AB.

– Our technology allows our customers to develop and manufacture astatine-based radiopharmaceuticals that act like microscopic guided missiles, says Milton Lönnroth, co-founder and CEO of Atley Solutions. Inside the patient’s body, the pharmaceuticals can seek out and kill cancer cells without significantly affecting healthy cells and tissues. No one wants to destroy what is healthy, and an important feature of these drugs, besides their great potential for greater clinical efficacy, is that they contribute to a less toxic treatment with fewer side effects compared to current treatment methods.

– We are pleased to make a follow-up investment in Atley while also bringing in new investors in this round, says Jonas Bergman, Investment Director at Chalmers Ventures. Atley have sold several products to renowned pharma companies. This is a strong testament to Atley’s potential. We are now entering the next phase and aims for scaling up a technology that creates both positive impact and good business.

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