with astatine-211 through automation technology and development services

Atley Solutions is the global leader in commercial products and services for astatine-related pharmaceutical development and production. Our Atley C100 module is the world’s first commercial production module which can both purify astatine-211 (At-211) from cyclotron targets and synthesise At-211 based radiopharmaceuticals in an automated process. Our products, coupled with our development services offering, makes us the perfect partner for your At-211 pharmaceutical development project – from bench to bedside.

We are Rebranding!

As we approach the launch of our first product, as well as the roll out of our radiochemical services, we are delighted to announce that we have changed our company name from Alpha Therapy Solutions to Atley Solutions. We hope that this shorter and punchier name will be top of mind whenever you think about Astatine-211 going forward!

Why Targeted Alpha Therapy?

Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) has the potential to become a curative and less toxic alternative and/or compliment to today’s standard cancer treatment. 

The method, which incorporates alpha emitting radionuclides, such as At-211, coupled to cancer-targeting biological molecules like antibodies, peptides, or small molecules, can eliminate cancer cells in tumours and metastases, without causing significant damage to a patient’s healthy cells or tissues. 

The pharmaceuticals used for TAT act like microscopic, guided missiles. The biological vector is the missile that carries a payload (the alpha emitter) directly toward a specific target (the cancer cell type to be eliminated). The alpha emitter kills the cancer cells by emitting alpha particles with a high energy and short path length. The high energy particles cause double stranded breakage to the cancer cells’ DNA, effectively killing the cells, whilst the particles’ short path length ensures that damage to surrounding healthy cells and tissue is minimised. 

The result is an internal, highly targeted and less toxic local irradiation of cancer cells.

Why Astatine-211?

Astatine-211 is a leading candidate for Targeted Alpha Therapy for the following reasons: 

  1. Favourable decay chain: no formation of toxic or long-lived daughter nuclides 
  2. Half-live: its half-life of 7.2 hours is both clinically and logistically favourable
  3. Cost-effective and scalable production: At-211 can be artificially produced in a >28 MeV cyclotron using naturally occurring and low-cost bismuth-209 as raw material. These cyclotrons may currently only have sufficient capacity to sustain non-clinical and clinical studies, but several initiatives around the globe are aiming to scale up the supply of this promising alpha emitter to fulfil the capacity needed for commercial production. 

With the launch of Atley Solutions’ products and services, a clear commercialisation pathway for radiopharmaceuticals based on astatine-211 has been created. 

Why Atley Solutions?

Atley Solutions will be your astatine-211 partner from bench to bedside. Founded by two of the world’s leading astatine radiochemists, we have developed the first  automated production module for astatine-based radiopharmaceuticals, as well as a radiochemical services offering that will help you navigate the clinical development journey from drug discovery to drug commercialisation.

Atley Solutions can help you with everything from At-211 access, drug discovery, drug development, drug commercialisation, and everything in between. If you already have all the required know-how in house, we can provide you with the technology and tools needed for your astatine-related research & development.



Founder Emma Aneheim joins Atley Operational Team

Atley Co-Founder Emma Aneheim joins operational team as Senior Radiochemist


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Atley radiochemist Ellinor Hansson wins the Champions League

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We’re rebranding!

Alpha Therapy Solutions becomes Atley Solutions